Trains on Time

I love Wael El Kafoury … said my father when he came to visit me. Forty years and I have no idea he loves music. Our train was ten minutes late and now he has time to speak his heart out. He sat sipping his coffee and watching passers-by. He loves to wear hats, loves Celine Dion and Wael El Kafoury. If I had known, I would have consulted him with the music that we danced to in my wedding. I would have asked him what he wanted to hear while we ate our dinner in silence, before I left. I would have brought him hats and music instead of all the suit ties that have piled up in his wardrobe. He was always hiding between his papers and his books, and me in my dreams that I forgot to ask him what he likes to hear and read.

Sometimes we even forgot that we were in the same house because of our travelling. The train was never late in my life. We never had the opportunity to sit and chat aimlessly. We only discussed the future, education certificates and our next stop. And now the train comes, to widen the distances between us again. How many more ten minutes do I need to fix what was wiped away by our silent farewells. I need another ten minutes to tell you happy birthday Dad. I also love Wael El Kafoury and I like to wear hats. And if we ever meet again in this life, we will hear together the music that you love and wear our hats while we drink coffee on the trains’ platforms… and at that time we will not be amongst its passengers.

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