“New Places” Bedtime Story to my Child.

It takes time to get used to a new place.
It takes time to make new friends.
But who says only people can be friends?
Listen. This is the sound of the crow waking up with the first rays of sunshine.
I put crumbs of bread for it.
Look. The little boat sailing away.
I wave to it goodbye from my window.
It takes time to sleep in my new bed.
I feel my new pillow. It is made of cotton candy and feathers.
I discover new places which are not new to me anymore.
I find a big playground with a big slide and a pond to feed the ducks.
It takes time to get used to the taste of things.
I like strawberries. They taste different but in a nice way.
And apples too.
The cat next door likes them too.
It gives me comfort.
It’s OK. I can wait. I can be patient.
I know I am loved.
I have new friends.
The crow, the duck and the cat next door.

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